Sunday, December 14, 2014

Lasagna Bolognese for lunch

I cooked Lasagna Bolognese for lunch today. It turned out extremely well (if I do say so myself). It was an authentic but simple Italian recipe I found on You Tube. Don’t you love You Tube for cooking advice? My family ate it all up. I defiantly want to consider cooking it for our anniversary party. My family is not too unhappy about “trying out “possible dishes for the party. I want to do my own cooking. But cooking for 60 to 100 people is a challenge for me. We could have it catered (and may still have it catered). But I am enjoying the process of planning a big party. I am enjoying the process of planning the food. I could easily put together 12 pans of Lasagna. The question is how I cook that much Lasagna in my small oven. But maybe if I put it together, and have 6 friends bake it and bring it hot to the party…maybe that could work? I want a nice party, but I do not want it to be too fancy or formal. Juergen and I are not fancy people. I want it to be warm, and comfortable. I want it to have a real family…homemade environment. I’ve been to a few very nice 25th wedding Anniversary parties (very…very nice). I’m not trying to have a better party. I’m just trying to be me…do it my way? I want it to represent my marriage to J├╝rgen. And I am enjoying pouring my love into each and every detail. How could I possibly let someone else do the cooking? I’m going to hand pick every single tomato in the salad, every flower on each table. In fact I will probably grow every flower and every tomato! Why? Because I love Juergen and I want to celebrate that love. I also want to share that with my friends and family. Sarah asked us if we will have another big party for our 30th Anniversary. We said no, you normally just do a big 25th and 50th party. But we are already so old we may not make it to our 50th Anniversary. And if we do, I doubt very much we will have a big party. So basically this is a once in a life time thing. It surely is not wrong to have a party catered. I just want to do this myself. I reserve the right to change my mind. God only knows what will happen in 2015, and if I am capable of cooking the entire meal? But I’m enjoying the process…it gives me joy! It brings out my creative side. I am having fun!

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