Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Back to the party

Life does get busy. We still have not sent out our invitations. I think we will sit down and order the invitations today. Our date will be September 12th. That is the last weekend before school starts. I realize many people may not come because they are still traveling. But Nicole (our daughter) will be going on a 7 week trip shortly after this date. Life gets busy again. I wanted to travel with guests before this party. I hope my sister and best friend may come. I want to take them on a short trip...make it worth their time. But Thomas (our son) maybe starting an internship on September 1st. So he may not be able to travel. So it may not be a family trip...just me. And at this point I have not gotten a 100% commitment from anyone that they are coming. So we will just plan the party, and worry about all that other stuff later. As my kids get older, everything gets more complex. And I know I cannot manage to please everyone. I am just going to set a date, send an invitation, and accept the fact some people cannot come (sad but true).

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