Monday, May 25, 2015

making plans

I am learning to cook good Italian food for the party. My sister Dianna, my brother Rick (maybe his family) and my friends Donna and Cindy are planning on coming to the party. I will be taking them on a 10 day trip to Tuscany just before the party. When we are there we will buy the ingredients for this family feast. I guess you could think its odd Juergen is not going on this trip. You have to know I would love to go on a honeymoon with Juergen. Of course that would be a dream. But we have 5 kids, and our oldest daughter Jessica is disabled. We don't really have anyone who can take care of Jessica for even a few days. But Juergen has agreed to let me go on this trip with my family. Juergen and I are going on many dates together. It is not "ideal", but it is what we can manage. And I guess that is one of the reasons our lives and marriage works so well. We try not to cry too much about all the stuff we cannot have, instead we celebrate all we do have. We are are very happy with each other. And we are blessed with great kids, and wonderful family and friends. And I am really happy that I will be traveling with my friends and family to Tuscany. It will be a really awesome adventure made possible by my generous husband. It only makes me love him more. But if anyone did want to volunteer to help take care of our kids (including Jessica) for a weekend...that would be the best gift you could give us. We have not had time away together (just the two of us) since I turned 40 (14 years ago). I will not cry over what I cannot have, I will instead praise God for what I do have. And I have so much...I am very glad! Most of our kids have been away this weekend. Juergen and I are alone in the house with just Jessica. It has been really nice. We have been talking a lot about the party. And we are making plans and setting goals. And it is our highest priority that it is not so much a fancy party, but our guests (young and old) feel very welcome and comfortable. We will have a few teams of people to help with the decorations, and cooking. We have all our out of town guests staying at the same hotel. We are planning a brunch for family, and out of town guests on the morning after the party at our house. This is so we can spend even more time with the family (I’m sure there will not be a great deal of time to visit on the evening of the party). It really is starting to come together. I’m also considering buying a big tent (6 meter x 12 meter) just in case the weather is not good. It is actually cheaper to buy a tent then it is to rent one. I figure we do have 5 kids. Maybe we will have weddings in the garden? Of course the kids would need to decide for themselves if they would want to use our dishes, and tent etc… but the option is there. And it would make things affordable. And the resources are also available for our friends.

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